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    The Physician Guard is a network of insurance affiliates devoted to helping health care providers obtain comprehensive liability insurance at affordable rates. A division of The Carmoon Group, Ltd., an independent commercial insurance firm headquartered in Hempstead, N.Y., we provide customized insurance solutions to physician practices all over the U.S. Our clients choose from a variety of stand-alone medical malpractice and small business plans that include options such as general liability, business automobile, property, worker’s compensation and a number of other plans.


    • We specialize in Medical Malpractice Insurance
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    If your business resides in New York ( Manhattan , Queens , Brooklyn, Bronx , Staten Island, Long Island including Nassau and Suffolk County ) New Jersey , Connecticut , Pennsylvania ,Maryland, Massachusetts , let’s arrange a face to face meeting and have your annual business insurance review done today. We will provide you affordable insurance rates without compromising the integrity of the policy coverage. If your business is outside of the mentioned states , still contact us as we can effectively address your business insurance needs virtually or through an affiliate office.

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